About Us

Creggan Local  Heritage Group was established in 2012 with the aim of protecting and promoting local heritage in the Creggan, Cranfield and wider Loughshore area between Randalstown and Toome .

We have an active committee of around 15 members but can call on help and support from the wider community when required.

For some years now we have organised  Féile Naomh Olcán (The St Olcan Festival) each June  and the Christmas Senior Citizens party along with Kickhams GAC . We have also organised periodical tradition music singing and dance sessions for families.

We are investigating  a number of heritage projects relating to the ancient ecclesiastical site at Cranfield  which we are discussing with The Lough Neagh Partnership, Antrim Council and NIEA.  One such project is the provision of a digitalised website showing pictures and inscriptions of the graves in Cranfield graveyard. In preparing for this we have received valuable help from the Ulster Historical Foundation.

Recently we have lobbied the statutory agencies to restore the water supply to Cranfield Holy well and are hopeful of a successful outcome.

While we continue to develop our website we would welcome scanned versions of any old photos or documents relating to the area. In particular we would welcome photos of buildings which no longer exist and people involved in  work or other activities which are  not so widespread nowadays such as hay saving, fishing etc .

Also, our committee would be extremely grateful  for financial donations to help with out projects. Anyone interested in contributing should contact us by email or by approaching  the joint treasurers