Some local surnames and their origins – Sloinnte na háite agus an bunús atá leo

 Surname  Gaelic  Meaning
McKeown Mac Eoin (Son of Eoin) originally associated with North Antrim
Dougan Ó Dúgáin Black hair or complexion from Irish, Dubh
Totten Ó Tuatáin Originally an English surname now long established in Ireland
McCann Mac Cana (Old Irish: wolf cub, young warrior) Associated originally with her southern shore of Lough Neagh
Maguire Mac Guidhir (Dun or brown coloured) Originally associated with Fermanagh
McLarnon Mac Giolla Earnáin (Devotee or follower of St Earnán). Long associated with the local area
Bateson Béastun or Mac an Bhiataigh Long established in the area. Can be of English or Irish origin
O’Hara Ó hEara A name associated with County Sligo. A branch of OHara’s migrated to mid Antrim several centuries ago
McAteer Mac an tSaoir (Son of the highly skilled craftsman) An old Ulster name
Marrion Ó Mearáin (Swift, lively) originally associated with County Monaghan
O’Boyle Ó Baoill (Irish, Geall. a pledge or hostage) Orinally associated with Donegal
McAuley Mac Amhlaoibh (Son of Olaf) associated with the Maguires of Fermanagh
Nelson Mac Néill (Son of Niall) A name of Scottish origins settled in Ireland for centuries
Mulholland Ó Maolchalainn (Devotee or follower of St Calann) Originating in Co Derry and hereditary keepers of St Patrick’s bell
Denvir A name associated with the Normans who arrived in Ireland in the 1100’s
Quinn Ó Cuinn (Descendant of Conn) A common surname of Tyrone origin
Smith Mac Gabhann (Son of the blacksmith) Often a translation of McGowan originating in County Cavan. Also a common English surname
McConville Mac Con Mhaoil (Son of the short haired warrior ) Associated with Oriel in South Ulster
Johnston Mac Seáin (Son of John) Can be of Irish or English origin
Murray Ó Muirí (Muir: Irish. the sea) a common surname of both Irish or Scottish origin)
McElroy Mac Giolla Rua (Son of the red haired servant)
O’Kane Ó Catháin (Catháin: a pet name) The leading Gaelic noble family of North Derry
Robb Mac Robb A branch of the Scottish clan Mac Farlane
Heffron Ó hÉimhrín Associated with Antrim and Down
McKeague Mac Thaidhg (Son of Tadhg ie old Irish first name)
McTeague Mac Thaidhg (Son of Tadhg ie old Irish first name)
Laverty Ó Laifeartaigh Common in County Antrim
Morgan Ó Muireagáin (Muire: a lord) common in County Down and Wales
McNulty Mac an Ultaigh Son of the Ulster man
Mc Collum Mac Colaim Son of Colm ie dove
Butler De Buitléir A powerful Anglo – Norman family from Munster
O’Neill Ó Neill (Descendant of Niall) powerful Ulster family from Tyrone
Devlin Ó Doibhlin Originating in County Derry beside Lough Neagh
Small Ó Caoilte (A descendant of Caoilte) Originating in Derry and Tyrone
Rice Ó Maolchraoibhe An Ulster sept
Sweeney Mac Suibhne (Pleasant) Scottish Galloglasses (mercenary soldiers) who settled in Donegal