Townlands – Bailte Fearainn

Why are they important? Why should they be displayed publically?

Everyone in Ireland lives in a townland but the question is do you know its name and meaning. The townland system has existed in Ireland for well over 1,000 years and is unique through out the world. The townland has had a special significance for Irish people during that time forming a major part of a person’s identity. These names were created at a time when the country was Irish speaking and the names reflect geographical features, family names, types of settlement etc. The townland system still exists in the Republic but in the north of the country the government, through the post office, shamefully undermined this ancient system in the 1970’s, claiming that it was inefficient and not fit for purpose. Thus at a stroke a thousand years of history was ignored and bland “official” addresses such as “999 Staffordstown Road” replaced the poetic and evocative traditional forms. 

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Townlands in the wider Creggan area:

Townland Gaelic Meaning
Creggan An Creagán The rocky place
Cranfield Creamhchoill The wood of wild garlic
Creeve Craobh A large ( sacred?) tree
Blackrock An Charraig Dhubh
Ballealy Baile Ó Ailche Townland of the descendants of Ailche
Gortagharn Gort a’ Chairn The field of the Carn ( pile of stones)
Aghaloughan Achadh a’ Locháin Field of the little lake
Leitrim Liatroim The grey ridge
Mountshalgus Móin Sealgais The hunting bog?
Greenan An Grianán The elevated place, place with a view
Staffordstown Baile Mhic Bheatha Mc Veigh’s town
Ballynacooley Baile na Cúile Townland of the corner or angle
Killyfad Coillidh Fhada The long wood
Ballynamullan Baile na Mullan Townland of the small hills
Ballynaleney Baile na Léana Townland of the wet meadow
Ballylurgan Baile na Lorgan Townland of the long ridge
Ranaghan Raithneachán Place of the ferns
Portlee Port na Loinge Harbour of the large boat
Moneynick Muine Chnoic The thicket of the hill
Derryhollagh Doire Shalach The dirty (muddy) oakgrove